White Collar Boxing

boxing poster 2 AUGUST 2016

Time:  12 noon onwards

Venue:  Open sided marquee at The Moorfield

More details added over the next couple of months.

Here are the videos of all bouts from August 2015

Fight 1 – Scott Harrison v Sam Rodgers  CLICK HERE

Fight 2 – Pat McBride v John Maddocks  CLICK HERE

Fight 3 – Lee McGarrity v Matt Cullen  CLICK HERE

Fight 4 – Declan Metcalfe v Rob Yearsley  CLICK HERE

Fight 5 – Ant Samuels v Carl Scott  CLICK HERE

Fight 6 – Jamie Oldfield v Paul Aney  CLICK HERE

Fight 7 – Paul Mullarkey v Ryan Cook  CLICK HERE

Fight 8 – Jamie Anderson v Zach Waiting  CLICK HERE

Fight 9 – Luke Willings v Connor Gerrard  CLICK HERE